Important Notices

Please pay attention: indications for participants

To avoid health risks, it’s strictly necessary to advise the organizer and/or your private guide about your physical conditions and any disturb incurred just before and/or during the excursions. For your own safety, the planned program for each excursion can be subject of changes, reduced and/or cancelled by your private guide, even without notice, in relation with weather conditions, volcanic conditions dangerous for your safety

We suggest as following for safety reasons:

Personal health conditions
As planned by the existing laws issued by the local authorities, people subject to asthma and/or with cardio-respiratory problems are prohibited to take part of excursions which include visits of high quota sights.
We suggest also, to not take part of any activity, including the less challenging excursions, if you aren’t in good healthy conditions, even temporarily diseases.
We also recommended, to inform promptly your private guide about any change of your health conditions during excursions.

Pregnant Women
All excursions are not suggested to pregnant women.

No Divings one or two days Before the tour

During Divings, nitrogen quantities are left inside your cardiovascular system. This may cause embolism during excursions on Mount Etna, for this reason we HIGHLY advice you to check your “no-fly” time and to consider the same time before taking part to any of our Tours and Excursions.

Contact lens
We not recommend to use of contact lens, especially for high quote excursions and during windy weather conditions, due to ashes blown by the wind.

Suggested clothes and equipment

During all the trips, we always suggest to arrange your clothing in layers, in the so called “onion’s skin” way. This is useful in order to be ready for temperature range which can reach 25°C in summer. We recommend you to bring at least the following items:

– A t-shirt
– A shirt
– A jumper
– A raincoat
– A hat
– Gloves
– Socks
– Hiking boots or shoes suitable to walk on an irregular ground.
Suggested equipment to spend a day outdoor:
– Knapsack
– Sunglasses (even in winter)
– Sun cream with high sun protection factor
– Stock of water (enough even for temperatures up to 35°C)
– Camera
– Binoculars
– High-calorie food (natural is better)