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Ciao, people! I’m Davide, a trained, certified nature Mount Etna Private Guide from Sicily, with a keen interest and expertise on Mount Etna.

Our company, ESPLORA360 (formerly known as Continente Sicilia) is accreditated by the Sicilian Tourist Board as Travel Agent and Tour Operator.

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Our company started to guide groups around Sicily in 1996. We specialize in private tours for couple, small to medium size groups or families with children. The goal of each tour is to share the knowledge of the area by paying attention to your interest and the weather.

All ESPLORA360’s guides are certified and whether you are looking for an easy, medium or challenging level of difficulty, we will be sure to provide you with a tailor-made tour.

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The Mount Etna volcano has been our specialty since 1999. The volcano area can be packed with tourists, we can help you avoid those areas because we really know the whole Mt. Etna area.

In 1999 I arrived from Palermo on the East Coast of Sicily and saw my first eruption. It was Aug 26th. UNFORGETTABLE! All experiences since that day have been the same. To see one of these most exciting natural events always stirs the emotions. It is AWESOME!!!

Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanos worldwide, but she is not always erupting. Therefore if you’d like to see an eruption, keep your fingers crossed. If that dosen’t work, she will be unforgettable even without molten lava!

Remember that we are glad to guide you during your visit in Sicily, not only on Mount Etna. Feel free to ask about any other Sicilian destinations as well.

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Our Etna day with Davide

We are glad to be hosted by the Ziggy's famous blog Eating With Ziggy.

The food expert and lover wrote an interesting article about the wonderful day we spent together on Mount Etna. Enjoy reading about our Etna experience on his blog post "Our day with Davide"

La guida perfetta per il posto perfetto
Se avete voglia di provare esperienze ed emozioni, di dialogare con la natura e di farvi guidare nel vostro viaggio da una guida esperta, qualificata, simpatica ed appassionata, con Continente Sicilia farete la scelta giusta. Davide risponderà ad ogni vostra curiosità con e per il piacere di farlo, conducendovi in percorsi insoliti, mantenendosi flessibile a cambiamenti se la scalata vi si rivelerà troppo ardua, spesso rispondendo alle vostre domande prima ancora che gliele rivolgiate.

Angela P
Davide e l'Etna
Nessun titolo è più azzeccato di questo, quindo lo riprendo e lo confermo...Davide è l'Etna, la ama come si ama una mamma, e con questo amore di figlio ti accompagna a conoscerla personalmente...e non si puo' non restare affascinati da tanta passione, da tanta competenza, da tanta gioia nel condividere ogni informazione! Il suo contatto ce l'ha dato un'amica bolognese che anno scorso aveva potuto godere della sua compagnia.

Angela P